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True understanding from the subconscious

I was born an empath and have always been very Intuitive. I have always had a passion to make people feel good. I was shut down to my gifts at an early age due to trauma … And I had to loose it all to awaken to my true self. My whole life I lived in fear and now I am no longer afraid.

I started Pure Frequency in 2016 after I completed Body Code certification. Initially when I started my business, I was still a hairdresser. I had a private room at Presidio hair where I worked for 20 years. After my first year of doing energy work, I was asked by a nurse practitioner, Maria Crawford , to be part of her team at Edge Integrative Wellness. Maria specializes in integrative and functional medicine using a multi modality approach. She recognized the benefits The Emotion Code and Body Code have to offer. And I am truly honored to be a part of her organization.

I address the energy body’s emotions and imbalances that contribute to physical symptoms. Often times when something is treated medically like mold or parasites, they may still create symptoms if not addressed energetically. Certain issues must be addressed in different ways to completely resolve the issue. That is why Western medicine and energy work compliment each other so well.

I am also a Nikken consultation. Nikken is a wellness company from Japan. They provide products such as whole food nutrition, water systems and magnet for discomfort symptoms. There is a link on the resources page on my website.

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