The Ugly Truth

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Teletherapy during a global pandemic

Dr. D (Laura Domasneanu-Miulescu) is a recent graduate of the doctoral program in forensic psychology at Walden University. She is also a Master level licensed Clinical Psychologist, as well as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She received a master’s degree in clinical health psychology from University of Michigan with a specialization in psychological testing and assessment. She provides evaluations for juveniles and for adults with ongoing CPS cases for alleged abuse or neglect. Dr. D has experience providing individuals, couples, and families a variety of therapeutic interventions. She enjoys working with both adolescents and adults, the active duty military and veteran community, and the recidivist population. She is also trained in evaluating prospective candidates for law enforcement training and employment, as well as other issues such as immigration cases. She works with mild to severe mental health issues including crisis intervention. Laura is trained to assist members of the military and their families. She is also bilingual. She has completed a dissertation on the effects social media may have on millennials in reference to prosocial behaviors (counterterrorism) titled “Social Media Effects on Millennials’ Counterterrorism Type of Behavior”. She was recently a guest speaker on the Detroit TV talk show Mind Matters with Dr. Michele discussing social media, millennials and mental health.

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