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Small Steps...Big Change

Dr. Linda (Sunny) Goggin MD is a board-certified family physician in Bellingham, Washington. She brings knowledge from a career spanning the gamut of family practice, including time as a rural country doc–from house calls to running the ER, Health Department Director, hospitalist, before founding Feel Good Functional Medicine.

Several years ago Dr. Goggin found herself in the role of patient, struggling to find an answer for her own personal mystery illness. She made a deep dive into integrative medicine to find the root cause. Her search led to extensive training in functional medicine through the Institute for Functional Medicine and mentoring with Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and Dr. Neil Nathan regarding the treatment of mold illness, CIRS, and Complex Medical Illness. She currently treats patients from all over the country using functional and integrative medicine with advanced energetic therapeutics such as frequency specific microcurrent, LifeWave patching protocols, trans-cranial photobiomodulation, and BEMER vascular therapy.

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