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Didier Perilleux was born in Brussels, Belgium and has spent the last 28 years as a Senior Leader in the pharmaceutical industry. His first expat experience was in 1999, where he relocated to Copenhagen. What he expected to be a very smooth experience turned in to be life-changing! Despite being only 500 miles away from his birth place, he experienced his first real culture shock – discovering the challenges of adapting to different culture, habits, language, all while being expected to thrive at work and flourish in his personal life. He experienced first-hand the difficulties, frustrations and anxiety of being far away from home, friends and family, but also the tremendous excitement and opportunities brought by change.

Since then, he has led multicultural teams in nine different countries across four continents. During these times of transition, he was lucky enough to work with an executive coach that truly helped guide and support him in his career. This was the best gift he has ever received – working with a coach accelerating his growth in his career but also in his personal life. From this experience, he decided to enroll and get certified as an Executive Life Coach, and to bring his personal and professional experience to the service of other fellow expatriates and clients looking for their next career move. Now based in New York, NY, “The Optimistic Coach” specializes in personal growth, intercultural and career coaching, with a special focus on the particular situation of expatriates having to quickly adapt to new environments and cultures: his higher motivation is to help you to thrive away from home!

Didier also created Optimists Without Borders USA, a 501 (c) (3) non profit based in New York. Their Vision is to encourage a Community of Optimists in the US. They aim at creating a better world by inspiring individuals to learn developing and practicing optimistic skills and behaviors. Their mission is to educate and foster a growth mindset in Business, Health and Sports.

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