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Overcoming stress and anxiety together

Shanda Gobeli has traveled all over the world as a speaker, teacher, missionary, and author. She has a Degree in Communications from Wright State University. She is a certified Biblical Counselor, and a certified Stress and Anxiety Health Coach. She began her Health Coaching practice about a year ago with a passionate desire to help women who experience the private agony of feeling overwhelmed and hopeless due to stress and anxiety.

Shanda has firsthand experience with overcoming profound challenges. She was born with Cerebral Palsy, a physical condition which affects her speech and her mobility. Her limitations disappear in comparison to her faith and fearlessness as she pours herself into reaching out to others. She and her husband Tim make their home in Akron, Ohio. Shanda is passionate about living out her faith, her family, and is an incessant reader of spy novels.

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