Episode 1


with Kim Ramsey Winkler

January 9, 2020

Kim Ramsey-Winkler has been on her own healing journey most of her adult life, as well as having a passion for helping others heal and find their inner light. In 2005, a friend introduced her to Chios Energy Healing, a modality that treats and repairs the human energy system to facilitate emotional and physical healing. In 2006, she attained the level of Certified Chios Master Teacher and began offering healing sessions and instruction to others. Her compassion, calming energy, and skills with the modality have helped bring healing to numerous clients.

Through her practice, RiverEvolutions, Kim offers Chios, channeling, and mindset coaching in person to clients in the greater Boston area of Massachusetts, as well as online/by distance to clients around the world. As an abuse survivor, Kim is sensitive to the needs of survivors. She is also experienced in working with people who are neurodivergent, touch averse, or who live with mental illness, and welcomes clients from the LGBTQIA community or who live alternative lifestyles or relationship styles.

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