Release Hurtful Emotions

with Jill Morris

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Find balance by losing the baggage

After graduating from the University of Kentucky where I concentrated on health, nutrition and kinesiology, I fell in love with optics and enjoyed designing and frame styling for the rich and famous. It was not until my late thirties did I feel the thirst for holistic choices.

After having my children in my mid thirties, I made a conscious decision to leave Dallas and return to my hometown. Russellville was a time capsule that felt like a breath of fresh air. This peaceful place was where I found my balance and taught my children how to be caring adults.

My holistic studies started at age 39 and have continued for 25 years. This journey has been amazing and continues to show me pivoting moments in many lives. If this type of work resonates with you, allow me to help you…its a rewarding journey.

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