Relaxing Into Recovery

with Dr. Adam Front

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How to make recovery from addiction easier and more enjoyable

Dr. Adam Front is a Clinical Psychologist, licensed in the state of California. Dr. Front has been helping people with psychological issues and addictions for over 35 years. He has developed and run programs in Florida, Minnesota and California, and has been in the San Francisco Bay area since 1987. He currently has office hours in San Ramon, CA. Dr. Front works with a variety of clients who come to him to find solutions for a wide range of issues, with specialties in the areas of addictions (chemicals like alcohol and other drugs, but also addictive behaviors such as food, sex, gambling and shopping), and anxiety issues including worry, obsessions and compulsions, traumatic fear responses, agoraphobia and panic attacks. He also helped clients with relationship issues, self-esteem and assertiveness issues, anger management issues and a variety of other problems.

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