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It is a mindset, a lifestyle, a movement.

I am April Miranda, an executive life coach, master healer, yoga teacher and lover of life located in Toronto. I believe that everyone has the right to be here and shine bright beyond mediocrity. I am obsessed with the process of transforming oneself to higher levels of surprise and delight. I am known for creating a safe space for people to explore their comfort zone, release limiting beliefs and take inspired action NOW! In my many lives as a contemporary dancer, film and television actor, kinesiologist, yoga instructor, Reiki master, entrepreneur, I have always been committed to evolving to my fullest expression in this lifetime to inspire other souls to do the same. When I hit bottom mentally and emotionally, my health, business and relationships were no longer thriving. That was when I decided to take my Life-Coach Certification and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training. That course gave me a new perspective of human behaviour, the mind, reality and my purpose on this planet. I am passionate about activating souls to take inspired action towards their best selves NOW! Through one-on-one coaching, yoga classes, courses and public speaking, it is my intention to commit to world peace, one mind at a time.

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