Meet The Team

I host The Daily Show with Paul Dana on MINDBODYRADIO. I enjoy talking to a wide variety of guests from all walks of life, and helping them spread awareness for the work they’re doing.

I’m the host of The Daily Show on MINDBODYRADIO. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to interview folks from all walks of life.  Talking to people every day about their passions, hopes, and dreams is an amazing way to spend my day.

I'm passionate about baseball, skiing, and cross-fit. My girlfriend has been slowly introducing me to yoga. I enjoy inviting people on to our show, and love to see guests broaden their reach and spread their message.

I'm a mother of two, enjoy the beach, pilates, and yoga. I work in the Admin department handling scheduling and client relations.

I'm an assistant program director for MINDBODYRADIO, and I love helping people find their voice and put their best self forward on the radio.

I'm passionate about health and wellness and love finding new guests for our show. Since I was a teenager I've competed in triathlons, and to this day I maintain my training, practice meditation and work at mindfulness.

I'm a designer and photographer by trade, and part of the creative team that's responsible for MBR's website.

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