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Find Your Why. Conquer your Can't. It's time for your breakthrough.

Lisa’s love of movement began early as an active, mid-western child growing up the youngest in a family of athletically inclined siblings and attending many of their sporting events. She later focused on dance team herself which provided an opportunity to travel to Japan in 1990. Introduced to the dirty word “exercise” early, Lisa’s love for movement and the freedom it provides developed over the next two decades traveling as a military spouse and working in many areas of the fitness industry with diverse population groups. [community, commercial, corporate, private, military and medical fitness]

She credits her high school dance experience as the launch into teaching group fitness, and certifying in a variety of formats. (aerobics, kickboxing, boot camp, aquatics, TRX and yoga) In 2001, Lisa created the Motiv8d Trainer and recognized a desire to support individuals one-on-one in their health journey becoming a personal trainer with the American Council of Exercise. In 2016, she attended Marymount University to merge her passion for wellness and a life goal of completing college to earn degrees (BS, MS) in Health Education and Promotion while maintaining a full-time training and coaching schedule. Lisa achieved her National Board Certified Health Coaching (NBCHWC) and Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) credentials in 2018. Her mission is to support awesome men and women who are ready to get stronger, stress less and shed whatever is holding them back through habit-based systems, without wasting time or money.

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