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Jenn knows what it’s like to experience and to overcome pain. She is someone who speaks from professional training and experience, but also as one whose experienced healing through her own work in therapy and 12 Step recovery. Her work moves beyond symptom management toward helping people become who they really are, letting go of their false selves becoming fully authentic and alive, aligned with their true purpose.

Professionally she’s known as Reverend Jennifer Dawn Watts, and is a Certified Professional Counsellor as well as an Ordained Minister. She started Living Well Counselling Services in 2008 which now has 17 counsellors at three locations serving Calgarians and distance clients via telephone and online. In 2012 she founded Q Faith Community, a 12 step modelled gathering for those seeking spiritual growth apart from oppressive religious traditions. Q meetings are simple, progressive, LGBTQ safe and affirming and are effective for anyone longing to grow. Gatherings are located in Calgary, Los Angeles and are available worldwide through GoToMeeting. She is now launching a podcast called RECOVERING. It’s for anyone who wants to become more of who they really are, whether they have identifiable addictions or not It’s available on her website at jenniferdawnwatts.com or on iTunes. For more from Jenn check out her daily insights at on Twitter at twitter.com/jennwatts or on intstagram @12StepSpirituality

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