Journey to Your New Life Path

with Debra O'Keefe

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Align Your Life With Your True Self

Debbie O’Keefe is a certified transformation coach, as well as a certified EFT and MAP practitioner. It was through her own experiences with chronic illness, anxiety and depression Debbie was called to channel her inner power, stop playing small and live her life as her true and highest self. In 2015, Debbie left her career as a public special-education teacher and followed her calling to help others on a deeper and more transformative level, leading them to discover the truth of who they are and all they are meant to become. She has committed herself and her life to sharing her insights and gifts with others and inspiring them to live as their most authentic selves, reach their greatest potential, shine their light and make their mark on the world. Her unique approach to clearing emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks has helped people all over the world free themselves of limitations, pain and suffering in all forms and transform their lives in unimaginable and miraculous ways!

Debbie is the founder and owner of Life Path Consulting and is also currently the facilitating coach of the “Dreams to Reality” program with the MAP Coaching Institute. She resides in Orange County, New York with her incredible husband Peter, and two beautiful daughters, Rebecca and Sarah. She spends her free time nurturing herself through the gift of song, connecting with nature, reading, and connecting with friends and family. Debbie journeys along her life path with the motto, “You Do You!”, to ensure that she stays the course and is always aligned with her true self and greatest purpose.

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