How To Be The Heroine Of Your Own Life

with Holly Richards

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Reclaim your power and regain control

Holly Richards is a speaker, writer, non-profit owner who spent 40 years in the information technology and project management arena. She once hit a new high with her promotion to the first woman IT consulting partner in a big six accounting firm. Ms. Richards then evolved into several vice president positions within various software companies, consulting companies, and an international logistics company. Her powerful resume and experience brought her needed confidence for the upheaval ahead of job loss, industry change, and bouncing back to a new career and new family life.

Today Holly Richards uses her razor-sharp skill of bringing clarity to manage complex challenges to gals starting over, a non-profit she started for women in the midst of life-altering circumstances. Her Gals Starting Over programs bring hope, courage, confidence, self-sufficiency, and self-esteem to women through collaborative educational programs.

Her recently published first book, OPA! A Top Exec Finds Joy in God Family and Nonprofit is a self-help book written around her own story of a year containing gut-wrenching loss and transition. She wrote the book in collaboration with her marriage and family therapist Rodney Robinson, for other men and women who find themselves thrust into difficult life change transitions.

When Holly shows up to talk she brings her no-nonsense, you can do it RIGHT NOW approach, she inspires and brings simplicity and solutions to complex issues surrounding transition and change. She currently speaks throughout Southern California.

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