Healing Systemic Inflammation

with Dr. Heather Elton

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Tuesday (EST) 10:00 am 10:30 am

Live Healthier and Happier With The Proper Diet

Dr. Heather Elton has been in clinical practice for 21 years and owns Movement Chiropractic & Integrative Wellness in Lincoln, NE. She graduated from Northwestern Health Science University with her Doctorate in Chiropractic and Certification in Acupuncture. After 11 years in practice, she decided to follow her passion for nutritional healing and started her educational journey in Functional Medicine. She received her Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition in 2013 and has also completed her studies through the Institute of Functional Medicine. Dr. Heather has found her purpose in helping patients restore their health through advanced laboratory testing, lifestyle management and nutritional healing. She is a mother, physician, exercise fanatic and hippy in heels.

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