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The value of living with a positive mindset

Christine Semple is a Certified life coach, certified personal trainer, Sports nutrition specialist and gear instructor.  Her coaching philosophy is that happiness and inner peace is achieved when there is both physical and emotional health  – a balance of well being that  is created through self care.

Life coaching focuses on taking action toward realizing your desires and goals.  It empowers people and offers them the time and direction to tap into their inner strengths and skills, to lead their lives with a positive mindset and achieve their overall personal and professional best in life.

Change isn’t simple or easy and trying to make significant changes on your own can be frustrating and defeating;. Only you know what is right for you;  you do have the answers but maybe you don’t know the questions – that’s where Christine comes in.   She helps clients create happier and more balanced lives based on their newly defined terms.   There is no best way to finding your happy, it’s not a one-size-fits all plan BUT there is a best solution for YOU. It starts with taking an honest look at yourself, your life and having that moment of clarity when you realize things need to change.  Adopting positive habits, building self confidence, acknowledging self worth, coping with stress, navigating life transitions and building healthy relationships are all areas that life coaching can address.  Being a happy person means having an underlying sense of well being even when in the face of obstacles and difficult times. It’s time we all found our happy.

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