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November 27, 2019

I graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Exercise Science and Nutrition. I became an advanced personal trainer and student strength and conditioning coach for the FSU football and basketball teams. After moving to South Florida, I graduated from nursing school as a Registered Nurse. After working in Interventional Pain Management and Oncology for a few years, I worked at a holistic research institute that helped people restore harmony in their bodies and live healthier lifestyles. I graduated from the Healing Touch Program, an accredited leader in energy medicine, and I became a Healing Touch Practitioner. Over the years, I have successfully assisted many clients with issues in weight management, chronic illness, pain, cancer, anxiety, depression, prenatal women, hormonal imbalances, brain injuries, and many other conditions. I have attended many conferences and workshops, gaining more knowledge about therapies and healing philosophies from around the world. Now, I understand the true value of CONSCIOUS LIVING!

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