My services include individual therapy, couples counseling, and coaching in Seattle, WA. I talk alot about the F-word…Feelings. I am passionate about emotions.

I offer therapy for individuals, frequently men and male teens, who are experiencing depression, emotional challenges, or relationship issues with their friends or parents, wife or partner, with their son or daughter, among social circles, or work related issues creating abnormal stress professionally. Therapy for men and teens carries a stigma and there are many false narratives that I am inspired to breakdown in an effort to empower males of all ages to feel safe being vulnerable with others, speaking their truth with courage, and becoming confident in who they are.

For couples counseling, I provide support navigating the ebbs and flows in relationships as well as the difficult challenges associated with infidelity and cheating, while also working with couples to identify the repeating patterns that lead to relationship problems. We work together to strengthen your foundation by offering tools and strategies to effectively communicate, manage conflict, and connect emotionally. I am passionate about couples therapy and supporting both partners in their effort to have fun and find enjoyment in their relationship.

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