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December 3, 2019

We are Tara and Sara, and we don’t just want you to feel a little bit better. Nuh-uh.
We want to get you up dancing again instead of feeling like crap and spending half your life obsessing over how to get well. No more fad diets or celebrity “experts.”

The Yin Yang Diet grew out of our unshakable belief in food as medicine and our determination to be in charge of our own healing.

We’re co-owners of the Village Community Acupuncture in Vancouver, BC, and we’re here to teach you how to heal yourself with ancient kitchen wisdom. You can toss those pricey supplements and so-called superfoods. All you’re going to need is ordinary foods from the grocery store and farmer’s market.

We’re busy working moms, so we made sure there’d be no translating esoteric terms or hunting down weird ingredients. A trip to your local grocery store and you’re ready to roll.

Key word here: easy.

Most days you’ll find us talking about food, sharing food, experimenting with food and meal-prepping for the week ahead. We are united in our belief that food is non-negotiable. From quality ingredients to how we eat and who we eat with, food brings us wellness and a sense of connection to our bodies, families, community, and planet.

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