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October 18, 2019

Michelle Sedgwick, NBCRT, B.S. Ed.

National Board Certified Reflexology Therapist and Metamorphosis Practitioner

In 1998, I earned a Bachelors Degree in Education from Salem State College and taught Elementary and Middle School for the next 7 years.  In 2006, I made a decision to leave Education and pursue Massage Therapy at Palmer School of Massage and Bodywork.and found Foot Reflexology.  I was really opened up by the possibilities of healing that came through the feet so I focused my energy in the direction of learning more about Reflexology. I graduated with a double certificate in Massage and Reflexology and went on to become Board Certified in Reflexology.

 I had the pleasure of learning The Fr. Josef method of Reflexology in 2007 from Fr. Josef Eugster, a missionary priest living in Taiwan, who blends Chinese Medicine into his practice.  I am also a Metamorphosis Practitioner which I have been engaged with since 2015.  Metamorphosis deals with the underlying unconscious tension that comes in with us at the moment of conception.  When our tension eases, we are all able to create from a place that has more balance available and our lives flow better.  I learned from Cindy Silverlock who teaches around the country.  To read more about Metamorphosis check out -www.Metamorhposiscenter.com .  Meta is considered a sister to Reflexology as it uses similar points on the feet but also incorporates the hands, head, and spine. Both methods are deeply relaxing. Please reach out to me with any questions any time!  Hope to meet you soon!  

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