Luigi Pissani

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with Luigi Pissani

January 27, 2020

After earning both undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Miami (Exercise Physiology/Health Science), Luigi Pissani was exposed to the impact of diet, physical activity, stress and limiting beliefs for the evolution of ‘man’. His ground roots findings revealed people are as much afraid of others and themselves as they are overweight. This led to an individual pursuit in overcoming physical injuries and traumas to bring back a state of welcomed grace. Using the body to establish a form of communication in the physical habits we often overlook and rearrange the dialogue in our own heads. Luigi combines creative expression of self and rediscovery of the human body’s Connective Tissue (‘Fascia’) to bring momentary healing and serene presence. The practice of FE:AL (Feeling Everything:Actively Living), is the Art of Inner Peace.

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