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January 24, 2020

Born and raised in Papua New Guinea by U.S. medical missionaries, I learned from my mother’s nutritional wisdom that food was our first medicine. She treated many primitive natives suffering from malnutrition first from our garden and then secondly with any necessary medical intervention. This always impressed me.
Fast forward many years, I found myself as Vice-President of a luxury Real Estate company in the Caribbean. Entertaining and indulging caused my weight to increase. My wife and friends started to comment about this fact. I was introduced to Metabolic Balance by a good friend from Germany who was a Metabolic Balance coach and who assisted developing a personalized nutrition program for me. After just one week on the program, my weight started to fall dramatically, I felt so great and with renewed energy, hence, I knew my passion for helping other experience the same had been uncovered.
Upon returning to the US in 2008, I became among the first group of Certified Metabolic Balance Coaches in the U.S. In 2011 started to assist spreading the good word among Practitioners regarding the Metabolic Balance method – the tremendous advantages of adding it to their practice and assisted in providing a pathway for them to become Certified as a Metabolic Balance Coach.

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