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November 25, 2019

Originally from beautiful Dublin, Ireland, Krysia Schwab has worked with thousands of clients over the past 20 years. Certified in many modalities such as massage, craniosacral and Reiki, Krysia is particularly passionate about abdominal work. Trained in Mayan Abdominal Massage and Visceral Therapy, Krysia has melded these therapies, along with craniosacral and Reiki, together to create a healing experience for every client. “I combine my knowledge of the human body with my intuition to get to the root of a problem,” Krysia shares. “As I work on a client, their body leads me with minute reactions that guide me to what their body needs.”

Many clients come to Krysia after decades of pain and years of trying countless other treatments or futile trips to different doctors. “We often find that it’s scar tissue that has been causing the problem and we work with that scar tissue until it’s released, and the client is pain-free,” says Krysia. “I’ve also worked with many women who are struggling with fertility or unsuccessful IVF treatments, and once we’ve released the restriction of blood flow caused by scar tissue, they’re able to get pregnant.”

Krysia gives her all to each client that walks through the doors at Kryssage Wellness‚Äîand she’s devoted to making sure every client feels heard, supported and cared for. When asked why she loves what she does, Krysia shared, “It is the most amazing job in the world to create a safe and secure space for people to open up and know they will be listened to and heard‚Äîand never judged.”

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