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January 8, 2020

Kristine Morgan graduate with a degree in Chemical Engineering in 1998 as she enjoyed learning about quantum physics and organic chemistry. She began a career in Oil & Gas as a Pipeline Engineer and was content with her life. In 2011, she ended up in Emergency with a stroke and her path took a turn.During this experience she had a near death experience (NDE) and was awake to a whole new purpose. Kristine was given some information and knowledge that she came back with to help other people with their own healing journey. Within weeks, Kristine started studying weeknights and weekend and she became a Reiki Master, Acutonics Practitioner, QHHT Past Life Regression Practitioner, Tong Rei Therapist, Drumming Shaman, Access BARS Facilitator, Feng Shui expert and more recently one of the first “Reverend of the Tao” based in Calgary, Canada. Today, Kristine’s clients come to her with issues such as: issues of family origin, sexual transitions, PTSD & trauma, anxiety, ADHD & OCD, past lives questions, fears & phobias, mind programming, body injuries, love life and entity clearing. Kristine has spent the last three years learning how to help people understand their SolePath’s as she can help people connect with their metaphysical DNA and start to live their purpose and joy. These benevolent gifts of healing not only transformed her life but can also help you with yours. Check out her website at or on her Facebook page: Healer’s Cafe.

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