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January 24, 2020

My journey into wellness and the healing arts started by necessity fteen years ago when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I have personally discovered great value in applying the wisdom derived from our ancestral heritage in overcoming this diagnosis.
Along my journey, I have learned that true healing occurs by finding balance in mind, body and spirit. Supporting my body with the right foods and physical exercise for me, eliminating physical and emotional toxins, and regaining balance with spiritual practices has allowed me to thrive and live my life fully. I believe that this can serve as an effective template towards any path of healing. When I’m not working with my clients I enjoy cooking and staying active. I regularly sprint, do yoga, run, play basketball and do resistance training. I am proud to have completed the ING Marathon in January 2011. I have also finished three other half-marathons. I am also passionate about food. Food heals beyond any measure. I enjoy tasting new delicacies, as well as experimenting with new recipes and sharing this passion with my clients.

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