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December 3, 2019

Jim Kaspari, CEO of PEAK Business Coaching, is the author of PEAK Profits, 47 Latest SEO Secrets to Get More Traffic from Google, PEAK Profits Business Journal and Olympic Gold Medalist Quotes. He has spoken on stages across the US and in Australia on small business marketing with Loral Langemeier, Armand Morin, Ryan Deiss, and others. Recently he was published on Forbes.com. He has a BS from UC Davis and worked for Genentech, Inc. for 20 years as a chemical engineer, automation and systems analyst, training manager, and leader of 20 internal consultants, saving the company millions of dollars. By investing well in real estate and helping start businesses while working, he was able to retire a millionaire at age 44. He has been a business coach since 2005 and has coached over 500 clients in 9 countries. He loves helping others and specializes in business development and streamlining team and operations. For fun, he runs, plays guitar, and sings.

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