Jasmine Galimov

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with Jasmine Galimov

January 24, 2020

Jasmine is a holistic nutritionist, energy healer, hypnotherapist, and total foodie. While she’s always been aware that food is medicine, it hasn’t been until more recently that she discovered the power of using our thoughts as medicine too.

Jasmine spent years going to countless doctors, spending thousands of dollars, and receiving a multitude of diagnosis, all to find out that many of the answers to heal – were already within her.
She found that by healing her past, she could heal her future. Jasmine has been able to heal her autoimmune conditions, eczema, depression, anxiety, and gut issues – all through addressing the mind body connection. She now empowers her clients to take a deeper look into their thoughts, beliefs, and past and how to not only identify the root cause of their illness, but discover true healing.

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