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Hemla Makan – Dullabh is a Transformation Catalyst based in Palo Alto, California.

Hemla founded 7 Rays Holistic Center 18 years ago. Her work focuses on one simple statement. Awaken the power within you!

Her intention is to listen and guide, blending various therapies, to see from the inside out, so we may follow our own compasses and navigate through life.

To be able to see within is to know yourself and bring out the best in you.

Hemla overlays her passion for Color Therapy, in all of the modalities she offers. Some of her toolbox includes color therapy, crystal healing, past life regression, quantum energetix, family constellations, reiki, enneagram and meditation practices.

Hemla also holds group events such as meditation circles, for people who are on a spiritual quest. She facilitates Family Constellation group workshops to heal inherited pain from our ancestors that maybe limiting our growth and happiness. Her intention is to create a community where people can feel safe, nurtured and supported to express themselves. I work with men and women both in groups and individually, who are at a crossroads or are wanting some change or transformation in their lives.

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Daily Show with Chris Sawyer

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