Floria Aghdamimehr

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Floria proudly claims “What I do is, who I am”. She is bold, confident, dares to be different, & takes risks for growth. “Create a shift in mindset and attitude. Status quo is not an option. Don’t let the past dictate your future!”

Floria has a weekly podcast, Attitude of Altitude, Mindset of Happiness 🙂 transforming mindsets for positive workplaces & life, with lens of Positivity! As a consultant, trainer, speaker, & coach, Floria focuses on topics of Positive Leadership, Growth Mindset, Gratitude @ Work, Mindfulness, Positive Interpersonal Communications, Building Trust for mental health, productivity, and innovation!

Floria is on the leading edge by developing leadership and confidence to empower. Diversity & Inclusion is always the way to progress and growth. Floria is the leading expert in creating new habits to support where you want to be and your Co-Creative Partner on journey to Transformation!

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