Dr Sondra Barrett

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with Dr Sondra Barrett

January 21, 2020

Scientist-photographer, author, and teacher Dr. Sondra Barrett brings together science, art and spirituality making abstract and complex concepts practical and useful for health and healing. Having apprenticed with a shaman, trained in expressive arts and qigong, Sondra weaves a compelling exploration to guide people to deep knowledge, wisdom and practical skills. Her book Secrets of Your Cells illuminates the amazing wisdom within. She takes you to meet your cells to know how to care for yourself and others.PhD biochemist, former faculty at University of California Medical School and California Institute of Integral Studies, Dr Barrett teaches globally and online. A pioneer in integrating cell wisdom, mindbody health with practical experiences. Her goal is to have you fall in love with your self, your cells, in a whole new way. Her photography through the microscope makes visible the invisible.

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