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January 3, 2020

A child of Holocaust survivors – his father fought in the Warsaw ghetto uprising – Solomon Katz was reared in classical Judaism and was fluent in biblical Hebrew at an early age. He majored in philosophy – especially Indian philosophy – at SUNY Stony Brook. After graduating, he joined the Lindisfarne spiritual community then at Southampton, Long Island. At Lindisfarne he was introduced to Zen and Vipassana (insight) meditation. His interest in meditation led him to Asia where he lived as a Buddhist monk and meditation teacher in Burma and Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, he lived for a while in the hermitage at Salgala, on top of a mountain jutting out of the rain forest, where a group of gray langurs were his closest neighbors, and he taught meditation at Kanduboda. By the time he returned west and began a doctoral program at Harvard University, he had spent three full years in periods of silent meditation retreat. At Harvard he earned concurrent graduate degrees in world religion and psychology. He trained in, practiced, and taught psychology at Mt. Auburn Hospital, a Harvard affiliated teaching hospital, and held a clinical faculty position at Harvard Medical School. During this twenty year span at Harvard, he and his wife raised a family of four beautiful daughters, now grown. He is the author of “Beauty as a State of Being, ” winner of multiple indie book awards, and the 2019 release, “Where Thoughts and Stories End. ”

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