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I come from a family of computer scientists, and realized my sophomore year I don’t want to work my way into a cubicle. I slowly found my way back to massaging friends, like I would do for family, when I was a child.

I switched over to massage therapy and fell in love immediately. As I slowed down and waited for the restrictions under my hands to melt away, I began seeing better results than my peers. My first trainer, at massage envy, realized I was doing myofascial release. With John’s words, “fascia carries the signal of life,” I recognized this was my opportunity to feel life return to my patients– nearly unwinding the moment when I felt my dad’s consciousness leave his body.

Since then, I feel I’ve been set sail into the rising sun and have pursued making a positive ripple across the pond of life

Im a massage therapist by license, I would call myself a myofascial release therapist.

I have also studied Craniosacral, Visceral and Neural Manipulations as well as Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I find that using soft touch therapies allows me to work the deeper web of Fascia which interconnects all organs and structures of the body in much the same way that acupuncture can. However, with my hands I am able to follow the subtle twists and turns of the web of tissues as they lock down parts of the body and give rise to dysfunction.

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