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Greetings dearly Beloved Soul. Are you seeking guidance from Spirit about your life, health, relationships, career, and Soul’s journey? Do you want to live a healthy, empowered, and joyful life? My name is Daniela Rambaldini and I can psychically scan your aura and commune with Spirit Guides to offer you loving guidance for all your questions. From age 3, I knew my Soul’s choice was to return to a life on Earth to lovingly serve The Creator and The Creation. My life-long passion has been to help shape this world into a healthy, happy home for all who share it.

At age 3.5, I experienced Self realization through a transcendental meditative state of samadhi. The natural Divine human abilities of higher sensory perception, including clairvoyance and telepathy, awakened in me. I now share these gifts with others by offering intuitive readings with messages from Spirit, Akashic Records readings, and energy medicine for children, youth, adults, and animals. I combine personal life wisdom and many years of formal study of in modern science, traditional medical systems, and human system energetics to offer you guidance for how to live as your greatest self. I feel honoured to be of service and I look forward to connecting with you.

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