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January 17, 2020

I am a Life Coach School Certified Life Coach who’s training came through my journey to who I am today. Starting out in High School, I dreamt of becoming an athletic trainer. I allowed the outside world to solidify my doubt convincing me I was smarter than that, so instead I entered college to become a Chemical Engineer. Bored and unfulfilled after three years, I decided to pursue a more artistic adventure of being a graphic designer, a career I loved but ended short by layoffs during a weak economy. As a single parent at the time, making money was a priority, so I took what came to me as fun and built a business. As young female athlete, I decided to create a twist on my original high school dream. Personally discovering what I then thought to be the magic solution to feeling good about oneself, I started a business of teaching people how to shape their body through the use of weights and diet adjustment. I turned all my own learned wisdom and knowledge into becoming a professional athlete and successful training and sporting event promotion business owner. Twenty years into my thriving business I started to become restless. I wasn’t happy. Over several years of searching I discovered my unhappiness was coming from neglect of my inner self.

Always a seeker of self improvement, life coaching offered my life something that nothing else had, a vital loving relationship with myself. I used myself as an experiment to determine my next life journey and applied the Life Coach School principles to all areas of my life. After finding immense personal freedom for myself I knew that I had to share it with as many people as I possibly could before my life on this beautiful earth ends. So here I am, thirty years later, helping others find true happiness by letting go of the life they have created, so they can live the life they were created to be, with bold confidence to go live it out.

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