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I am a board certified mental health counselor and traumatologist with 30 years of experience working with all populations: 8-88 age, all races, colors and cultures. I have started my career assessing and placing homeless substance abusers with mental illness into drug, alcohol and mental health programming. Then moved into corrections working with Prisoners, Probationer, and Paroles, Adults and Juvenile offenders. After this experience, I started teaching in Higher education as both a Counseling and Psychology Department Chair positions, teaching over 400 courses in mental health Counseling, Substance Abuse and Psychology, both online and campus-wide.

Started my own private practice 14 years ago with now 4 locations in four cities around the Detroit Metro area. I have now serviced more than 30,000 patients with all types of mental health disorders and diagnoses. I have certifications in advanced mental health, complementary and alternative medicine, substance abuse, trauma and Depression using TMS or Transcranial Magnetic STimulation and Traumatic brain injuries.

In my practice , I now take a very different approach with patients as I now look at most patients through the lens of Trauma. I did not set out to become a traumatologist but as I began to deeply assess patients from a different approach, I began to see that most patients, no matter the age of entering the mental health system as victims of being over-exposed to fear and/or feelings of being under attack. From these, usually early childhood infections, is where I see the origin of symptoms. Therefore, I now focus on helping patients manage the overthinking mind or inner voice “gone rouge” that has the ability to impact on the mood circuits triggering what typically walks in the office as Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and the “over thinking inner voice that the patient cannot shut off. So my focus is now helping patients Shut off the negative voice in their heads….!

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