Life Between Lives (LBL), Past Life (PL) and Transformational Hypnotherapy exploration — to heal the present, we explore the past, uncovering who, what, where we are… with the goal to free the future.

Clients can make wholesale change in their lives through this exploration. With direct experience during a hypnosis session, clients remember events and memories that have shaped their lives. With awake and unfiltered awareness (during a hypnotic session), we sort out the issues we face, releasing that which holds us back, while regaining helpful attributes we once commanded, even if from previous lives.

In hypnosis, one’s awareness is awake, sentient, and receptive, while body and mind are settled and resting.
Mind is that part of awareness that operates to keep body safe and operating. However, in hypnosis, we let mind and body go into a “rest” mode, which unfilters our awareness (our great ‘Mind’), and allows awareness to explore unlimitedly.

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