Life can be brutal, can’t it? Lately, it seems hard to keep your life on track. The stress of trying to stay afloat and survive is starting to wear you down. You can remember a time when you felt happy or satisfied, but you aren’t sure how to get back there. It’s possible to get to a place where you’re living and not just surviving life. You won’t have to use so much energy trying to get through the day. With some new skills, insight and support you can learn to stop getting in your own way and embrace change.

Every person comes to therapy with individual needs. I adapt my approach based on who you are and what might work best for you. I am an LCSW licensed in California, and support clients facing many different types of challenges. What I know is that most people are over scheduled. That’s why my office is online- no travel time to account for and the option of attending therapy from the comfort of your own home. It may be time to put yourself first so you stop coming last. You are no longer required to face life alone and let stress take over your life. It is my pleasure to help guide you away from this place and towards a healthier and happier life.

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