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January 28, 2020

Recognized as one of the Bay Areas Top 18 Life Coaches by Expertise for the last three years, Abigail Bruce combines her training as a board-certified adult nurse practitioner (ANP-BC), board-certified advanced practice holistic nurse (APHN-BC) and certified life coach (CLC), hypnotherapist (CHT) and certified massage therapist (CHT) to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach through personal and professional coaching, care and counseling with a variety of modalities, tools, and techniques in sessions to empower clients around the world. Clients strengthen and deepen their self-awareness, identify and align to core values and strengths and develop a mind-body practice for optimal living, success, and fulfillment. She provides a nurturing, non-judgmental, safe, and professional environment. Her specialty is in supporting clients through major life changes and in making positive changes. Some of the challenges her clients face include work-life balance, low self-confidence, grief, grace with uncertainty, changes in relationships, conscious uncoupling and relationships, empathy and self-compassion, and stress management. Sessions are goal-oriented and focused, and she is available for coaching in-person and through video-chat or telephone.

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