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Better Connections, Better Life

Originally from New Jersey, Kat moved to Philadelphia to study Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at Temple University. Upon graduation, Kat moved to Connecticut in 2006. She dedicated six years as a Neuropsychiatric Clinical Researcher at the Institute of Living in Hartford, which led to four publications. After receiving her masters in Marriage and Family Therapy at Saint Joseph College in West Hartford, Kat provided treatment to families in-home settings, out-patient, and a top-rated residential treatment facility. In 2016 Kat opened her private practice, Collaborative Family Solutions, LLC.

Kat specializes in family systems (all relationships), anxiety, and trauma. Kat provides uniquely tailored treatment with the use of multiple techniques and interventions, ensuring that the care she gives her clients is effective, resulting in life-long change. Kat is trained in Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) , which is utilized for the specific treatment of trauma.

Kat has recently launched a podcast, called Unfuck Your Head. Her mission is to further destigmatize mental health through interviewing real people with real stories about their human experiences.

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