Balanced Wellness

with Susan Macknin

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live well by design, not by default

Susan Macknin is a Registered Nurse and Energy Medicine Practitioner. Her primary modalities include hands-on Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing , Family and Systemic Constellations Facilitating, and Indigo Biofeedback Therapy.

She sees clients in private practice as well as facilitating workshops, support groups and retreats. Susan brings compassion and empathy into her life and her healing work to help others in physical, emotional or spiritual turmoil. She guides her clients to uncover and transform their self-limiting beliefs and lifestyle stressors to improve their lives. This in turn helps the client reduce or eliminate physical and emotional stress. Her clients can then move forward in a more positive and loving way. Susan’s passion for helping others has been her lifelong purpose and she looks forward to helping her clients reconnect to their purpose and gain inner peace.

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