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If your body was a bank

This Peruvian born herbalist learned her way with plants as a teenager when convulsive migraines deprived me of a normal life. Thanks to my mother who did not trust allopathic medicine she chose to attend to a acupuncturist in downtown Lima and not follow medical advice to have my cervical spine fused, be on narcotics, or just as darwinian, to have my brain get radiation therapy!! So I became an herbalist as a teenager and it paved the path for who I am today. I believe there is no disease that this planet has not prepared a plant for.

Because of my intense relationship with plants, I was asked to work with Dr Fernando Cabieses founder of Peru’s National Institute of Traditional Medicine. It was he who promoted me to go study herbal medicine in China, and return to help the Institute.

I went in 1985 and returned in 1987. Got my OMD from China, did 6 months one on one with a famous acupuncturist in Hong Kong and 6 months in a hospital in Sri Lanka while at war with the south of India. And, yes, I did go back to Peru and started practice there. But it wasn’t long until the country got upside down again. So I returned to the US to get licensed, and to do so, I had to go back to school.

I chose University of South Baylo because it was the oldest school in the USA and had the most PhD’s from China as teachers. I was president of their student body and assistant to the clinic’s director. The school had a 99% asian student body and was not running the college as most other schools were. I took it on my own to help the school modernize.

My first 5 years I teamed up with a chiropractic sports clinic that had was treating the Charger team, the USA PGA golf, and many olympic sports. I was the only acupuncturist and got to work with an awesome team of chiropractors and meet some pretty amazing athletes. At that time a friend asked me to team up with Project Walk in Carlsbad. A clinic for spinal cord injury, Plus getting trained by Dr Akong, a master in the technique of scalp acupuncture was an incredible opportunity. He is highly regarded.

Because of my personal experience with breast cancer and while attending symposiums on environmental medicine and bio identical hormones I met Suzanne Sommers and because of her I got in the middle of great integrative oncologists who passionately motivated me, and I chose not to go with the double mastectomy and the hysterectomy but actually used hormones to balance my chemistry and shrunk the tumors! I really feel like my life is about being in the right place at the right time. At least for this bio. I have another on being on the wrong place at the wrong time. For another time!!

So, yes passionate, inspired, and love sharing my experiences. I don’t mind using my life and what learn from others to help others achieve a better experience at improving their chance of a better and a well lived life.

Lastly, aside from how scary it is to be told you only have months to live unless we remove both your breasts and uterus, and I read and talked to as many integrative practitioners on matters of cancer to use anything other than radiation and chemotherapy not to mention surgery. But to learn that my son had Lyme got me to become Lyme literate. My son is now healed and takes herbs, supplements and homeopathy to continue to strengthen his immune system. He is my number one motivation to keep on my toes on subjects of health.

You only get to live as long as you want with as strong as an immune system as you can acquire and that takes work. You don’t wait to get sick to get blood panels. You get them now so you know how your body looks like when it’s healthy and trust me, every panel always shows an area that needs work. But its nice to work on the small things before they become the reason you go to a doctor to get a drug for it.

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