An Alternative Approach for a Pain Free Life

with Stephen Ashley

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Breathe... Now let that sh*t go

Stephen Ashley is a Massage Therapist, Life Coach, and Owner of Erasaqi. He has been a Licensed massage therapy service provider for 10+ years. It was back in 2008, where he decided it was time to make a change. At that point in his life, he was about 200 lbs and stated that he was in misery. A longing for personal well being felt like it was destroying his life, Stephen decided to go to Heritage Institute in Jacksonville Florida where he would get his Associates of Science degree.

After school Stephen worked for a handful of local spas to get the experience before branching out on his own. Stephen started researching different stretches online and used a foam roller to get some relief from his pain. It was around 2015 where he finally found the relief he needs by incorporating what was learned on himself, whether that be from stretching, self-massage, breathing exercises, or just positive self talk. When Stephen is not working, you will find him at a park, somewhere in nature, at home cooking a delicious whole food, starchy plant based meal, or just relaxing.

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